[26/11][NEWS] Juniel, ranked #1 4 days before MAMA voting deadline… Best New Female Artist Award

Posted: 2012/11/26 in News

Rookie singer Juniel keep the 1st spot in MAMA Best New Female Artist award voting 4 days before the deadline.

Juniel has drawn attention to whether will she be winning the Best New Female Artist award on the first year in MAMA (Mnet Asian Musis Award) on the 30th. In the online voting, which is done before the ceremony, Juniel is ranked 1st because of the percentage share of 37.3%.

Last June, Juniel made her debut with debut song ‘Illa Illa’ showed the momentum to raise on top of the music charts for more than 20 weeks, has released new song ‘Bad Man’ on the 20th garnered the attention. The only female solo singer-songwriter emerged.

Juniel said “I’m just as happy to be nominated as a candidate for Best New Female Artist. I’m not greedy for the newcomer award, but in fact I enjoy singing on the stage.” through the agency.

Meanwhile Juniel’s new song ‘Bad Man’ released and at the same time topped the real-time music charts.

Source: TVReport via KStyle
Translated by: junielsg


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