[27/11][NEWS] Juniel’s Hanja (Kanji/Chinese) skills “emerged as Hanja prodigy”… I was first debuted in Japan?

Posted: 2012/11/27 in News

Is Juniel’s Hanja (Kanji/Chinese) skills ‘remarkable?’

Recently emerged as National’s sister, the topic Juniel’s Hanja skills has became an attracting topic.

On the 26th, singer Juniel appeared on MBC Radio ‘Shindong’s Sim Sim Ta Pa’, amazed everyone by showing off her stash of Hanja proficiency.

Juniel demonstrated superior Hanja skills to read the highest difficulty of ‘Complete the sentence with Hanja’ quiz at high speed.

Juniel said “It’s due to the experience of doing activities in Japan at the time of study.”

Juniel, who did music activities in Japan after winning Japan audition program in 2010, and officially debut in Korea this year June, is attracting attention.

Netizen’s reactions of Juniel exposed Hanja skills has shown as such “Hanja is difficult, marvelous” “Speaks Japanese as well” and “It’s unexpected appearance.”

Source: SBS CNBC
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