[18/12][NEWS] JUNIEL to stand on the stage of MIDEM, the biggest market in the world

Posted: 2012/12/19 in News

JUNIEL, called “Discovery of the year,” is to stand on the stage of MIDEM, the biggest market in the world.

Receiving an official invitation from MIDEM, JUNIEL will be holding a mini concert as people concerned from all over the world watch, at a party “MIDEM Happy Hour” held on 27th January of the next year, in Cannes, France. As a rookie who just debuted less than 6 months ago, it is remarkable that she is invited to this big international stage.

“MIDEM Happy Hour” is a party targeting VIP, a thousand or more VIPs will be attending. Through this concert held at a party where worldwide VIPs gathering, it is expected that JUNIEL will attract strong interests of the foreign people concerned. MIDEM is an international music exposition targeting planning companies, production companies, publishers and media of a variety of music fields such as pops, rock, jazz and classic. In 2012, influential people from 75 countries attended. Held before “Palais des festival” at Cannes, France, the party will feature from singer JUNIEL’s mini concert to DJ music mixing K-POP.

Considered as one of “Rookies of the year,” JUNIEL is now promoting her new song “Bad Man.”

Source: Sports Korea
Translated by: ylwshs12


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