[PROJECT] JUNIELSG first giveaway cum Message Book for Juniel

Posted: 2013/01/07 in Project

Remember last December, we tweeted and asked everyone to send in messages/wishes for Juniel in 2013? And there was a giveaway together.

We received a total of 25 messages and we used online random number generator to pick out a winner. The winner was announced on 1 January 2013. (I have to say sorry because I was kinda busy and so the giveaway is yet to be sent. T_T)

Guess everyone is kinda excited to see how the message book looks like after the sneak preview we tweeted this afternoon, and so here you go~ This is the end project and also the only photo I took as time was running out.

I didn’t take photos of the content inside but I have screenshots of the pages. Enjoy viewing and many thanks to everyone for joining in this project. (All graphics copyright belong to the original owners, I didn’t draw all those. I only traced all of them out.)

We will update this post if there’s any fanpic of Juniel holding the message book (wink).

  1. tamagocnbjnl says:

    Thank you for holding this project!! ^__^ I hope she will love it ❤

  2. banila says:

    omg,i just check this O.O and my message being so cute!! lol. thankyou very very very much for making this project T.T ❤ I LOVE YOU~~~ LOL XD

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