[14/01][VIDEO] Fan-taken JUNIEL @ KLIA for GDA with CNBLUE and FTISLAND

Posted: 2013/01/15 in Videos

Source: yanlinuts@youtube

Source: makwe2310@youtube

Source: xKazum@youtube

Source: marshanda03@youtube

Source: jihahmdlatib@youtube

Source: ysheunl0915@youtube

Source: Sheila Lee@youtube

Source: tiongjay@youtube

Source: JandaChomot@youtube

Source: xTiFxtsubasax@youtube

Source: ok kk@youtube

Source: nafhatuns@youtube

Source: tan hon@youtube

Source: Pig Xiaoma@youtube

Source: MYFTi2010@youtube

Source: neko chan@youtube

Source: melinna91@youtube

Source: Ominnie Miyoko@youtube

Source: Sabrena Izni@youtube

Source: fifanim@youtube

Source: NurynPiro@youtube

Source: TheBirddiee@youtube

Source: yongyong lynz@youtube

Source: Yoke Shan Lee@youtube

Source: yyianz@youtube

Source: rabbit83lee@youtube

Source: omonamyboy@youtube

Source: plastik262@youtube

Source: midotluvxiahjunsu@youtube

Source: haniisrazali@youtube

Source: tvxqbabe@youtube

Source: Eillece Leong@youtube

Source: Howard Haines@youtube

Source: ChiNcHiNCoNny@youtube

Source: husnafeza@youtube

Source: Choi Rain@youtube

Source: nina farhanah@youtube

Source: sanzo71@youtube

Source: Sofy14113@youtube

  1. JUNIELind✿ says:

    Reblogged this on ✿junielindo✿ and commented:
    Some fancam’s compilation of Juniel @ KLIA for GDA with cnblue & ftisland

  2. […] algunas fancams  gracias a Juniel SG que nos regala estos videos son muchas asi que las puedes disfrutar  AQUÍ!!! […]

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