[15/01][VIDEO] JUNIEL @ GDA (Fan-taken + Media)

Posted: 2013/01/16 in Videos

Source: Newskaki@youtube

Source: eonnie06@youtube

Source: kyllee sym@youtube

Source: tayhanning1@youtube

Source: Cipot Redz@youtube

Source: joshuaongys@youtube

Source: Furry Ang@youtube

Source: Budiey Isma@youtube

Source: kinkipeifun85@youtube

Source: akirakon@youtube

Source: skymiuifly@youtube

Source: Berry Nie@youtube

Source: stella mimuwei@youtube

Source: mickey yuchun@youtube

Source: Simon Seow@youtube

Source: Newskaki@youtube

Source: Eena Yap@youtube

Source: maknaex3@youtube

Source: KAvenyou@youtube

Source: lottalove028@youtube

Source: murashingo@youtube

Source: zhihow ng@youtube

Source: MyHuntressKpop@youtube


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