[TRANS] FNC Family Winning Speech @ GDA

Posted: 2013/01/22 in Videos

JUNIEL – New Rising Star Award in Disk Album
“Oh.. Thanks everyone. Firstly, I’m grateful to God. I’m grateful to our Deputy, President, Director and grateful to all. I would like to say thank you to our FNC Family. I debut as a rookie and received New Rising Star Award. I’m very thankful to those who give me support since debut. And thanks to my mum, my dad, my brother Sunho, my dog and all. Oh and also our Lee Seungkyu manager, very very thank you. Let’s continue to work hard in the future. Our fans Banila, very very thank you. I will become a more hardworking Juniel in the future. Thank you everyone.”

FT Island – Golden Disk Award Album Division
“Hongki: Very thankful to Golden Disk Award for giving us such a big award. For this, we will also work harder. Firstly, we are thankful to Deputy Han Seung Ho, President Jo Seung Hwan and also Director Lee Seung Ho, Director Kim Young Sheng and FNC staffs. Oh, very good very good, very good very good, really thankful to everyone. And also our company colleagues singers CNBLUE, AOA, Juniel and colleagues, really thank you. And also wish everyone more happiness in the new year. Also our forever friends, Primodonna, Thank you.
Jonghun: Firstly, it’s very honorable to start the year 2013 with such a good award. We will continue to work harder with this good start. Thank you everyone.”

CNBLUE – Malaysia’s Most Favourite
“Yonghwa: Thank you Malaysia, sincerely thank you everyone. Our staffs, our managers, FT Island, Juniel, AOA and a lot of people, in addition four of our parents. Boices who keep supporting us and giving us attention. Thank you everyone. Love you. Thank you.
Minhyuk: Sorry, this time we release our new album. Hope everyone support us and Yonghwa hyung who work hard as a leader, Jonghyun Hyung, Jungshin Hyung and parents, thank you. Love you.”

CNBLUE – Golden Disk Award Album Division
“Jonghyun: 2012 is a very blissful and enjoyable year. Hope we can also enjoy in the year 2013 and thanks everyone.
Jungshin: And also to the fans who came to the award ceremony in Malaysia, a very thank you to you. And I love you, Yonghwa Hyung.
Yonghwa: Thank you. Hope everyone will like our new album RE:BLUE’s title track I’m Sorry. Will definitely come to Malaysia for concert. Already in love? Will love all of you for lifetime. Thank you.”

Han Sajangnim – Producer of the Year
“Firstly, I want to give this honour to God. There’s a lot of producers sunbaes who are better than me. I will believe that this award is to allow me to work harder. Taking this opportunity, I would like to say something. Because I love Rock music, so I started from Rock band. FT Island, CNBLUE and I are together for this dream. For the love of rock, I think they are more prominent than any other bands. But sometimes, because their focus of attention are different, their love and passion are under-rated. It’s very hurtful. Hope everyone will throw away the preconceptions and prejudices, look at them more with the eyes of love and concern. FNC Entertainment will work hard in the future to become a company that is helpful to KPOP. Thank you.”

Chinese Trans: here
English Trans: junielsg
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//Sorry for the bad translation//

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