Posted: 2013/01/31 in Magazine

Q: If Choi JunHee introduce singer JUNIEL?
A: The more you see singer Juniel, the more charming she is!

Q: How do you start aspiring for a singer?
A: It started when I watched BoA’s documentary when I was in elementary school. BoA really looked cool when she worked hard. As I liked music too, I decided to do music officially.

Q: Your modifying word?
A: I feel good to hear “next generation’s singer songwriter”. I wanna be called in that way forever! haha I’m happy to be called “Best rookie of the year” too, but I feel shy a little.

Q: Music you are currently addicted to?
A: Kim DongRyul’s Reply. Reading his lyrics, I feel like his life is integrated into it. Then, I feel like to ask him how he has been lived and what has happened to him in his life.

Q: Choose a suitable one for you among pretty, cute, pure/innocent, and the more you see the more charming?
A: The more you see, the more charming! Ah, please add “sexy” too haha

Q: Favorite color?
A: Yellow. No special reason. I just like it

Q: Your daily fashion?
A: It depends, but nowadays I often wear browse and H-line skirt. I often coordinate jeans and t-shirt, too. Not really fixed.

Q: First thing you wanna do in age of 20?
A: Lonely trip. Rather than while traveling, I like the act of departure. The near distance is good, too.

Q: Your impressive travel destination?
A: Thailand. When I was in the third grade of elementary, I went travel to Thailand with parents. It was really nice. We went sightseeing, received massage, and had a relaxed time.

Q: Favorite menu?
A: Shaved ice!

Q: Do you do cooking?
A: I like cooking, but when I cook, the amount is more than expected by a large margin. I have a problem to adjust the amount, but it tastes good!

Q: If you make another stage name?
A: I like Juniel.

Q: Final goal as a singer?
A: I don’t have a big dream. As I always have been doing, I want to do music that I like to do, and I want to live with having fun. Without feeling stressed, I want to keep doing what I have been doing with having fun.

Q: Your hobby?
A: Climbing. I started climbing under my mother’s influence. Especially I like a steep mountain. I’m attracted to wall of rock that looks like rocks are about to fall down.

Q: Your ideal type of man?
A: I used to wish a man who has Song Joongki’s face and Lee Sunkyun (? not quite sure about the spelling because I read Jp trans only)‘s voice. These days, I found a common thing of my ideal type. They all have a little thick lips and nice voice. Especially, I like a deep, low tone voice.

Q: Juniel of 60 years old?
A: I don’t want to live like a movie. I want to live a life ordinarily, simply. I would be keep doing music, and I would be married and have some children.

Q: Your wish in 2013?
A: I want to keep enjoying doing music in 2013.

Translated by: ylwshs12

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