[20130207] Juniel graduated “Reluctant to take off uniform… I want to do uniform alumni” (Interview)

Posted: 2013/02/07 in News


Singer Juniel said her thoughts on graduating from high school in 4 years.

On the 7th morning, Juniel attended the graduation ceremony which was held at School of Performing Arts Seoul, Guro-gu, Seoul, expressed her reluctance “I graduated from the school in four years, but I regretted the most was not able to fit in well with my friends and not attending frequently. Nevertheless, I would like to thank my teachers and friends who had cared for me. I’m going to keep in touch with my friends.”

She added “I feel sad to think that I will wear the uniform the last time today. I’m going to cherish and keep it away. I’m going to try wearing school uniform to meet friends in uniform for the first time after a long time though. It seems to be fun.”

Juniel, who is born in 1993, should embrace diploma last year, but she took a year to have activites in Japan and hence having her diploma in 4 years.

When asked about “The most memorable school life”, Juniel recalled “There was no canteen at junior high school. But most memorable in high school was holding hands with friends to canteen buying snacks to eat happily”.

Juniel’s plan after graduating is to get a driving license. She revealed “I want to get driving license fast. I like to travel alone for vacation, so I want to drive alone and travel after getting license.”

Juniel did not forget to set greetings for fans who congratulate her for graduating at the end of the interview.

“Thank you so much for congratulating me. Lunar New Year is just around the corner, hope all have a happy new year and receive good things for the future. Please love Juniel lots.”

Meanwhile, celebrities who have graduated from School of Performing Arts Seoul in addition to Juniel were miss A’s Suzy, f(x)’s Sulli, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, GLAM’s Dahee, EXO-K’s Sehun, A Pink’s Son Naeun, Hong Yookyung and so on.

Source: ETO
Translated by: junielsg with help of JUNIELSupporter


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