[20130307] Juniel released 1st Japanese album ‘Juni’

Posted: 2013/03/07 in News

Juniel released her first Japanese album ‘Juni’ on the 6th.

This album contained 12 songs including title song ‘Everything is Alright’. 11 songs in the album were self-composed by Juniel. Especially, the last track of this album, Jung Yonghwa and Juniel duet song ‘Babo’ Japanese version, composed by CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa has attracted attention as it received a lot of love in Korean debut album ‘My First June’.

On the other hand, Juniel has worked as a singer-songwriter since Japan debut in 2011, with her self-composed songs recorded in 4 albums ‘Ready Go’, ‘Dream & Hope’, ‘Forever’ and ‘Sakura -Todokanu Omoi-‘.

Source: heraldcorp
Translated by: junielsg


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