Ready Go!

Released Date: 29 April 2011 (Japan)

The first mini album of JUNIEL, who is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter from South Korea.

1. Ready go! | Lyrics
It’s a cheerful song that makes an impression of powerful start. Starting with the popping and hip-hop rap, it shows you a scene that you gather people together and start your stage. I had a conscious desire that the melody and lyrics have exciting feelings of “song will start” and something like that. The arrangement brings out the cheerful voice.

2. 少年 | Lyrics
The second track “Boy” would remind you of the throb of your first love. It sets off the acoustic sound and clear vocal. Actually the lyrics were written based on my first love. It turns out to be a balmy tune.

3. 猫の一日 | Lyrics
The third track “One Day of Cat” goes well with lazy afternoon. I wrote it on the image of a cat that wakes up late and lies around waiting for its owner in the afternoon. What stands out in my mind is that I tried to put the cat’s sweet figure, even though it sulks about loneliness, into the vocal.

4. Everlasting sunset | Lyrics
It’s the only ballad in this mini-album. It describes a story that someone yearns after his/her loved one who suddenly left him/her. The more it comes to the latter part, the more instruments are added one-by-one. That gives you a feeling that the song is coming to a climax. I tried to express looming feelings along with the lyrics.

5. We’re together | Lyrics
Since I wanted to express positive feelings directly, the arrangement consists of simple instruments on purpose. In the same way as its title, I put my hope into this song that I’d like to advance together with you from now on.

text by JUNIEL

Source from
Translated by @TAMAGOcnbjnl


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