Welcome to the FF page. Wondering what FF means? It just means fun facts. Oh well, as time pass, there will be more facts about JUNIEL, and so we will compile all the facts here, not in order of knowing.

Real Name: Choi Jun Hee
Stage Name: Juniel
Known as: Junie, Junhee, Juniel
Birthday: 3 September 1993, 12:34
Blood Type: B
Height: 163cm
Debut: 28 April 2011 (Japan Indie Debut), 2 November 2011 (Japan Major Debut), 7 June 2012 (Korea)
Favourite Month: April
Favourite Flower: Sakura
Favourite Artist: Peppertones (Korea), Shena Ringo (Japan)
Hobbies: Song writing, Piano and Mountain-climbing.
Best part of her body: Nose (She thinks it’s pretty)
First album bought: DBSK (Korean album), Shena Ringo (Japanese album)
Ideal type: Guy with sweet voice like Lee Seunggi, Song Joongki


  • 1st in Njiiro Supernova 2010.
  • Rookie of the month (July) 2012 in Cyworld Digital Music Awards
  • Rookie Singer Award in The 19th Acting Prize of Republic Korea

First Love:

  • Met her first boyfriend, who was a bass guitarist, when she was in 2nd year of middle school through an oppa.
  • Met only 3 times in a year (June, September and between November and December) as she was busy training.

FNC Related:

  • Joined FNC Music when she was in 2nd year in Junior High.
  • Signed her trainee contract 2 hours before Yonghwa on the same day and hence became his trainee sunbae.
  • Went for guitar lessons together with FT Island’s Seunghyun and CN BLUE’s Jonghyun.
  • Sang in FT Island’s “Magic” chorus.
  • Opening artiste for FT Island’s Zepp Tour Tokyo on 8 July 2011.
  • Close to all FT Island members except for Hongki.
  • Invited to FT Island’s Seunghyun musical (Jack the Ripper) on 20 August 2012.
  • Opening artiste for Oh Wonbin’s Tokyo Concert on 26 June 2011.
  • Close friends with AOA’s Choaya since young and recommended her into FNC.
  • Close to AOA’s Jiminiel since trainee days and named her first guitar as Panini after knowing Jiminiel’s yellow guitar is named Banana after Teletubbies.
  • Went FT Island’s TAKE Concert with CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, Jonghyun and Jungshin. Yonghwa even take off his jacket to cover her legs.
  • To Seunghyun, Juniel is FNC Princess.
  • Was FNC trainee for 5 years, in which 2 years was trained in Japan.
  • CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and her kept talking about to collaborate when they all debut during trainee days.

Likes and dislikes:

  • Dislike rain.
  • Likes sea more than mountain and likes sky more than sea.
  • Likes to see figure skating
  • Likes to know people, but she’s not a person who’s willing to become friends
  • Likes Miura Haruma (her ideal type before)
  • Likes Leessang’s Gary.
  • Likes “A Gentleman’s Dignity” and watches it when she has time. She thinks that Im Meari’s character is charming and cute and that she left a painful first love (memory) which is her charm.
  • Loves playing games

Music Composition related:

  • Wanted to compose music since 5 years old.
  • Usually compose songs with guitar, but sometimes with piano.
  • First composed music and wrote lyrics when she was in 3rd year of Junior High school.
  • Try to use her experience as much as possible, but feel that her experience is not enough, so she try to express her feelings that she got from reading books and seeing nature.
  • “Cat Day” was written for her dog as an apology to leave him/her alone during daytime. Not titled as Dog Day because she finds Cat Day cuter. She also commented that he/she forgave her after she sang and apologized to her dog.
  • “Boy” was written about his image of her first love when she was in 3rd year in middle school.
  • “Happy Day” was written for her first love.
  • “Dream & Hope” was written for a friend whose guitar named “Banana”, who turned out to be AOA’s Jimin. Juniel wanted to cheer Jimin who went through low period during trainee days.
  • “Summer Vacation” was written inspired by the anime, “One Piece”
  • “Everlasting Sunset” was written when she was in 3rd year of middle school around Hyundae Department Store.
  • “Boy”, “Happy Day” and “Cat Day” were all written when she was 16 years old.

Japan related:

  • Went to Japan in June 2010 to study more about music.
  • 1st one-man live on 12 May 2011
  • Love street live at Shinjuku (Japan).
  • She thinks in Japanese, Kanji is the most difficult to learn.
  • Performance in Japan was the most important memory in her music life.
  • Lived in a little one room apartment and ride the bus to language academy
  • Received dance training but didn’t even improve since she didn’t have a big talent for dancing.
  • Wants many Japanese friends.
  • Live shows in Japan and Korea are similar but when it comes to playing live instruments it’s different.

Trainee days:

  • A trainee along with 5Girls members Uee and Yubin and others in Good Entertainment
  • Didn’t think she had gone to any of the field trips since eighth grade and she hardly had any time to play or hang out because she was always practicing (singing and playing the guitar).

Industry related:

  • Close to Evol’s Hayana
  • Feel that Younha is an awesome singer. She’s so cool.


  • Grew up listening to the songs of The Beatles and Eric Clapton, and she just love everything about their music.
  • Determined to become a singer was when I saw a documentary about BoA when I was in third grade.
  • Wish to perform live at Hongdae (Korea).
  • Guitar is her partner in her life.
  • Wish to have more chance to see fans no matter where it is as long as she can do live, with thanks that she has hands to play guitar, voice to sing and people who listen.
  • Cannot swim at all now even though she won silver medal in swimming when she was in kindergarten.
  • Doesn’t drink alcohol and soda.
  • Sleeps all the way in the car when she has tight schedules.
  • Don’t have her own cell phone, so she borrows her stylist’s iPad to play games.
  • When she gets stressed, she usually talks to her family or go on a hike. Usually, she writes songs and expresses her feelings that way.
  • A different way of enjoying her free time like going to coffee shops and just talking with her friends.
  • Finds playing Internet is a waste of time.
  • Wants to do duet with everyone
  • Tends to look at the person who is talking while listening intently.
  • Amazed when her song was used in the drama
  • Singing without her guitar makes her feel awkward because she doesn’t know what to do with her hands
  • Singing live with actually playing the instrument in music shows is the difference.

Message for her future husband:

  • “To my future husband, Hello this is Juniel. Where might you be right now? I’m now 20 years old so i think we’ll meet in just a few years. Please be sure to find me and let’s live happily and long.”

Credits: @fncfamily + @junielsg + @TAMAGOcnbjnl + @byul3 + Media News + Radio shows
Updated on 29 November 2012

  1. eunjinca_ says:

    Where can I get information about Junier? I haven’t hear his/her name before ;_; thank you ^^

  2. Vivi_Yume says:

    Are she like DBSK??? I love DBSK!! \^o^/

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