August 2012

[Trans] For MCD 300ep special stage, so I prepared my hair and make up a bit special too! My make up and hair so beautiful right ㅠ^ㅠ

Translated by: @fizhasan

[Trans] Promotions for illa illa has finally ended! hehe It has been a long 2-months after debuting and I seem to have received many love, thank you! The next time, I will do well and appear as a better Juniel! Please look forward to it^^!
Translated by: @chiffonlau

[Trans] At the invitation of Song Seunghyun sunbaenim, I went to see the musical! Actually it was very very cool♥ Song Daniel the best!

Translated by: @ylwshs12

[Trans] I went to sukira healing camp with a heavy heart for the first time. There was really really good and fun times. If I receive healing every week, I will send it energetically week by week, but it has already ended. being good to me and taking care of me, to Sukira’s writer, PD, Mi onni, Jisoo oppa, DJ Sungmin oppa, Ryeowook oppa, everyone thank you very very much, you’ve worked hard. I’ll come if i have healing next time ^^* Sukira I love you!♥

Translated by: junielsg


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