November 2012

[Trans] SAT is tomorrow! Everyone, don’t be too nervous. I hope that you will accomplish it with stunning results! Everyone, hwaiting ~!!
 (Trans: What you want score! What you want college! surely be achieve!
You are bad person if you forgot me after you enter the college T.T)

Translated by: MYJuniel (tweet), ChickenEE (pic)

[Trans] Search hiding Juniel!^^ Hello, I’m AOA’s hidden member J! Kkk
Translated by: ylwshs12

[Trans] Filming for the MV, the whole world is white, even the rabbit, & I look like Alice in Wonderland!^^! Tomorrow the teaser will be out! Watch it okay?♥
Translated by: MYjuniel

[Trans] Today, my new album’s been released.♥ Please give lots of love to Juniel’s Bad Man ^^
Translated by: junielsg

[Trans] Juniel’s Bad Man project! There is too many thrash on the street ㅠ_ㅠ Bad person saw the rubbish and didn’t pick it up! ㅡ^ㅡ
Translated by: MYJuniel

[Trans] Juniel band! This is my current favorite band!^^ kk What do you think about this band? ~~ Today I’ll have comeback stage on MuBank, please look forward to it! ^^
Translated by: MYJuniel

[Trans] Today is the first live broadcast of my “Bad Man” and CNBLUE Jungshin sunbaenim came to support me! ^^ In the middle of filming he came to listen and brought me a cute bear bun! ♥ Thank you! Hwaiting for sunbaenim’s My Daughter SeoYoung too! ^^
Translated by: MYjuniel

[Trans] Now I’m standing by for post-recording!! Hehe. Playing guitar and singing in the mean time! Hehe. What are you guys doing now? I’m boredddddddd
Translated by: MYJuniel

[Trans] Today, I received Rookie Award at Korean Entertainment Arts Awards♥ Hihi. Many people helped and cheered for me, and by thinking that, I’ll do better in the future! And also earlier I was nervous I didn’t get to say it. Our Juniel fans, thank you very very much. I love you. Let’s be together till death♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Translated by: MYJuniel

[Trans] Did you watched Music Bank well?~~ Those who didn’t watch are bad people!
694926755Translated by: MYJuniel


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