October 2012

[Trans] Everyone, did you have a great Chuseok holiday^^? Hehe I can feel that the holiday is short. It went by just like that… Now back to the daily routine but fully loaded with fighting as always!!!!!!!
Translated by: @myjuniel

[Trans] Though there’s a lot of regrets, it’s very very fun, and at the same time had good memories of the October concert♥ As I looked at really wonderful performances by seniors, I had a kind of picnic feel. Hehe I will work hard to come again next year.
Translated by: [CHI] JunielBaiduBar [ENG] junielsg

[Trans] Today I performed at the “Stop Hunger” Concert^^ The wind made it a bit chilly but I was happy I was given the chance to sing at this meaningful event. ❤ To the fans whom I haven’t seen for a long time, THANKS A LOT! Hehe Everyone have a nice day and please join this good cause!
Translated by: @MYjuniel

[Trans] It’s been a while since I visited the office. There was artist Dongyeon! I saw him first when he was a kid, but he became a mature man before I knew. So, I took a photo with him! hehe♥
Translated by: @ylwshs12


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