September 2012

[Trans] hehe A few days ago, 3rd Sep. was my birthday! Everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I really thank you all so much♥ I thanked my parents who gave birth for me. They said thanks to me for coming to the world and wished for my birthday. It really was a happy day ^^
Translated by: @ylwshs12

[Trans] Today is my 100th day since debut ^^* Feel that it hasn’t been long since debut, but it’s already the 100th day.. There’s a lot to celebrate in September, my birthday and now 100th day ♥ Really really thankful, feel so good and happy. In the future please be with Juniel for 1000th day, 10000th day and 100th year ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
 Translated by: @myjuniel

[Trans] Our school’s yellow yellow school uniform that I like♥ Now, there’s not many days left for me to wear this uniform. It’s already going to be graduation exam next week. Hehe. It feels relieving yet sad..

 Translated by: @myjuniel


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