May 2012

[Trans] Really love the weather ♪ it’s warm ~ I’m sleepy >_<
Translated by: @JUNIELSupporter

[Trans] I bought new Capos!! I bought two, both are cute >_<♪
Translated by: @ylwshs12

[Trans] Yesterday was Parents Day in Korea >_<! What are you going to do on Mothers Day~?
Translated by: @ylwshs12

[Trans] What you feel about music is different for different people!! It’s very difficult… but it’s fun ^o^♪
Translated by: @ylwshs12

[Trans] Now I’m writing lyrics. As expected, it’s difficult… But, I will try hard!
Translated by: @ylwshs12

[Trans] It’s already gotten hotter every day >_< Water tastes good ^o^♪
Translated by: @ylwshs12

[Trans] Already summer!! Uniform became summer clothes too!! Hot hot T_T
Translated by: @ylwshs12

[Trans] Busy preparing a lot for Korean debut >_< Activities are scheduled to start in June.^o^♪
Translated by: @junielsg


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