2012.11.20 | 2nd Mini Album

01. 나쁜 사람
02. Oh! happy Day
03. 소년
04. 고양이의 하루
05. 해피엔딩


2nd Mini Album / 1&1

Juniel’s second mini album “1&1” consists of the title song, “Bad Man,” and her self composed songs, 5 songs in total, allowing you to feel her more matured sense after her debut mini album, “My First June,” released in June of this year. “Oh! Happy Day,” “Boy,” and “Cat Day ” these three in the album are her self compositions. “Boy” is especially meaningful in that she wrote and composed it for the first time at the third year of junior high. It is characteristic of her to have a different feeling with each song, bringing out in the variety of sounds and expressions of her. The last song of this album is co-written and co-composed by Juniel and others, showing this album is fully colored with Juniel.

1. 나쁜 사람 (Bad Man) [Lyrics: Han SungHo / Music: Two Face, Lee SangHo / Arrange: Lee SangHo] | Lyrics

“Bad Man,” the title song of Juniel’s second mini album is a pop song bringing out her sad voice, expresses sad feeling of a female who got hurt from the breakup. Acoustic guitar playing like a deep confession and piano playing go together with sad melody, which is emotionally engaging.

2. Oh! Happy Day [Lyrics: JUNIEL / Music: JUNIEL / Arrange: youwhich] | Lyrics

“Oh! Happy Day” is an up-tempo rock tune, sporty piano and refreshing guitar sound go together. Juniel’s cute voice go with bright melody. Just as its title, the song is about the nice feeling to start a happy day.

3. 소년 (Boy) [Lyrics: JUNIEL / Music: JUNIEL / Arrange: Susumu Kawaguchi] | Lyrics

“Boy” is a modern rock song, sweet melody and acoustic sound pleasantly go together. It’s a beautiful song with the lyrics about a shy boy exactly described with Juniel’s girly sense.

4. 고양이의 하루 (Cat Day) [Lyrics: JUNIEL / Music: JUNIEL / Arrange: Susumu Kawaguchi] | Lyrics

“Cat Day” is a song that comfortable acoustic guitar and foggy electronic piano go together. If you listen quietly, you will be able to have a lazy afternoon feeling. Juniel’s sense stands out in this song.

5. 해피엔딩 (Happy Ending) [Lyrics: Han SungHo, Kim JaeYang, JUNIEL / Music: Kim JaeYang, JUNIEL / Arrange: Kim JaeYang] | Lyrics

“Happy Ending” is an acoustic pop tune with an enjoyable shuffle rhythm. It feels as if electronic piano and guitar have a talk together. Happy melody and lyrics go with Juniel’s vocal, giving you a pleasant feeling.

Source: juniel.co.kr
Translated by: ylwshs12


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