We’re the FIRST Singapore fansite dedicated to the FIRST FNC female artist, JUNIEL. We aim to bring you the best & the latest news regarding Juniel.

Fansite run by Jacintha & Ifaah.

Join us today!


Birth Date: May 15
Location: Singapore
Language: English, Malay
Twitter: herhisstory

Birth Date: August 21
Location: Singapore
Language: English, Chinese
Twitter: jacinthoriya

  1. Vanilla sky says:

    I will not speak English well…. (…)
    I’ve used a translatorㅠ_ㅠ
    I am Korean.
    I am fan of JUNIEL is blogging★★★
    Fan blog for your data,
    Leaving the origin of the blog that you also would like to use my blog.
    South Korea and Japan blogs I’ve been blog.
    Please permission’m gonna write the address if you do not mind.

    South Korea : http://blog.naver.com/raison_ba
    Japan : http://ameblo.jp/junielfanblog/

  2. KHW says:

    Hello, I’m a big fan of juniel. I live in Korea.
    I gained the chord that I really want it
    Really thanks to your site’s data!!

    If the relationship continues to keep me at the address below, please contact
    f a c e b o o k . c o m / w o o k h k

  3. Hello~ Nice to meet you! I’m from Peru, and I am a Juniel Lover too.
    so, can you affiliate us? We are first fanclub of Juniel in Peru (◡‿◡✿) http://junielperu.blogspot.com/

    Thanks a lot ^_^

    • junielsg says:

      Nice to meet you too. Yes, of course. We would love to affiliate with you too but we don’t have any affiliate banner at the moment. We will let you know if we have one ^_^

      – JUNIELSG

  4. guojie says:

    hello do you know where can i get her album at in sg?

  5. Axiom says:

    Hi. I looking for the Juniel’s chord song. Can you publish “Cat day” and “Sacura” chords and lyrics (if it possible)?

  6. kateku7 says:

    Keep up the good work! really good work!

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